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This article was written on 23 May 2014, and is filled under Arts, Culture, Film.

Watch: Sigur Rós Meets ‘Blade Runner’ In This Astounding Mash-Up Plus 7-Minute Art Direction & Production Design Featurette

Philipp Acker, or “Schambess,” composited a beautiful tribute to “Blade Runner,” stringing together the film’s most beautiful shots with “All Right” by Sigur Rós to punctuate pivotal moments in the tribute. FYI, the tribute contains spoilers! While most of civilization pines for more “Star Wars” and Han Solo’s reported “gigantic” part, there’s a diaspora of “Blade Runner” fans who wish upon a star that the swirling rumors of a “Blade Runner 2,” that ties in “Prometheus,” comes to light. Until then, enjoy this excellent tribute to the original film. Side note: does anyone else think that George Lucas borrowed from “Blade Runner” for his flying-car-cities in the “Star Wars” prequels? Maybe that’s obvious, and not a new observation at all, but I just noticed it…

Speaking of production design! Kurtulus Turgay edited together a 7-minute featurette on the art direction and production design of “Blade Runner” for Istanbul Bilgi University and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Obviously, the two videos borrow many of the same clips, but notice how much of a difference the music in both clips makes in shaping the story. It’s like watching scenes from two entirely different films. If you love tactile filmmaking that includes sets, miniatures, and funky lighting, this featurette is a must-see. Check out both below. [Indiewire]

BLADE RUNNER – Tribute from FilmFreaks on Vimeo.

FILM ARCHITECTURE Lectures #01 from TASERON ICRA on Vimeo.

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