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The Verge Takes a Swipe at Performancism

When the journalism market bottomed out in 2008, many writers—discouraged and broke—gave up on their careers. But a few years later click-bait journalism pumped life into the industry, and it’s stillriding that wave. Measuring clicks may […]

May, 23

Grace for the Party Monster? Michael Alig and the Law of Club Celebrity

I jokingly suggested on Monday that Papermag should’ve titled their article about Michael “Party Monster” Alig: “Alig Don’t Wanna Be a Freak (But He Can’t Help Himself)” (Dynasty), but as I read through the story, I […]

May, 20

Why Louis C.K. Hit Home on Common Core

Well before he made Common Core a prime topic on The Late Show With David Letterman, comedian Louis C.K. was raising a ruckus over the testing standards on Twitter. His comments angered a some people […]

May, 20

Kickstarter CEO Responds to Gosnell Filmmakers

Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler has broken his silence about the Gosnell-film censorship controversy in an interview with National Review. Strickler says that Kickstarter did not censor the project by Ann & Phelim Media and that the filmmakers voluntarily removed the […]

May, 20

Loretta Lynn Concert Review

If the shine of her sequined gown wasn’t enough, “She’s the most important person in country music” announced that country singer Loretta Lynn had arrived to the stage of Pensacola’s Saenger Theater on May 15. […]

May, 20

Hard to Reason with Hurricane Season: Interview with Allen Toussaint

The whirlwind of media coverage from WEAR to Financial Times shows us just how important Jimmy Buffett’s concert is going to be. On one front, it’s bringing a lot of joy to an area that’s […]

May, 20

Interview with Superdrag

Josh: So what is Superdrag is all about? Tom Pappas (bass/vocals): (joking) We just love to party man! We don’t care about nothing, or nobody. John Davis (lead guitar/vocals): I’m a family man, father of […]

May, 20


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